A girl has many names.

You may know me on reddit as /u/glass_table_girl.

Or on Twitter @arhythmetric, where I talk about food, music, ASOIAF and being drunk.

Or, well, still glass_table_girl on the Maester Monthly podcast or on the Girls Gone Canon podcast.

Perhaps you simply know me as Eliana.

About The Many-Faced Blog

Since the beginning of humanity, we have been telling stories. Humans are built to understand stories as a way of sharing information. We hunger for them, a fact made even more obvious in this day and age where media is everywhere.

But even as times have changed, we continue to see the same sort of elements in stories thousands of years old as we do in modern day stories. These elements persist because there is something about them that speaks to us as people.

In this blog, I hope to explore what those elements are, such as structures of stories to archetypes, to allusions to stories that have survived in our cultural ether for centuries—and to see how those elements surface in the story of ASOIAF.

By understanding these elements, we can gain a greater appreciation for the world that Martin has created, and deeper insight into how his characters work on a literary level.

Other shit about me: I like stories, obviously, in a bunch of different forms, such as comics, TV shows, cartoons, movies, books, music, video games (not as much but like, kind of), etc.

I also really like food and drinking. And clothes. And make-up. And art stuff.

My fitness goals include becoming strong enough to open my own jars, close my own windows and being able to run non-stop up that hill four blocks from my apartment.